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Lecture on Brighu Progressions

The Spiritual Dimensions of Vedic Astrology

ACVA International Symposium, September 6-10 2007

© 2007, by Robert A. Koch

1. Tribute to Sri C.S. Patel

  • Contributions in four main research studies:  Ashtakavarga, Arudha padas, Navamsas, and Nadi Jyotish.
  • Proved use of trans-Saturnine planets by quoting Vasishta Nadi
  • Evidence: Sidereal ingress of outer planets causes major world events to occur.  Examples:
    • Freud’s first publication on sexuality, “Three Essays on Sexuality,” as well as Einstein’s “Annus Mirabillus” paper on Brownian motion (Atomic theory) occurred with Pluto’s ingress into the sign of Gemini in 1905
    • First Moon walk by astronaut Neil Armstrong on 7/20/1969, came with Pluto’s ingress into the sign of Virgo.
    • “Black Monday” stock market crash on 10/19/1987 – exact ingress of Uranus into sidereal Sagittarius
    • US entry into World War 1 on 4/6/1917 – exact ingress of Uranus into the sidereal sign of Aquarius

2. Definition of Time

Time is defined as the linear progression of the state of being, divided into various cycles and sub-cycles.  The utility of some of these cycles, or progressions, will be demonstrated in this lecture.

3. Progressions of Time for Human Beings – One year of human life is the equivalent of 1 day of the gods – Manu Smriti

  • The Sun’s movement demarcates the movement of time.  In the course of his regular transit the Sun moves through twelve signs of the zodiac in one year, and thus one sign of the zodiac in one month, and one degree per day.  A year is thus defined as a Samvatsara, or the time taken for the Sun to transit 360 zodiacal degrees.
  • The Sun’s movement at 1 degree per day is equivalent to 1 year of time, based on the above principle from Manu Smriti..  This principle is the basis of all progression and dashas systems in Vedic astrology.
  • The Sun’s movement at this rate to the end of the first Naksatra Paryaya indicates the end of life for human beings.  The year 120 (the full life span of humans) is reached at one degree per year progression

4. The 27 naksatras form the background of all predictive systems in Vedic astrology

The 27 Nakstras are grouped into three of nine each:

  • First group: Aswini to the end of Aslesha (9th star): Janma Paryaya
  • Second group: Magha (10th star) to the end of Jyeshta (18th star: Karma Paryaya; and
  • Third group:  Moola  (19th star) to the end of Revati (27th star): Adhana Paryaya

27 Naksatras in 3 Cycles – Paryayas and Gandantas


Janma Paryaya – 1st Cycle Karma Paryaya – 2nd Cycle Adhana Paryaya – 3rd Cycle Group Nomenclature
Gandanta: 0˚ Aries to 3˚ 20’ Gandanta: 0˚ Leo to 3˚ 20’ Gandanta: 0˚ Sagittarius  to 3˚ 20’
1st star – Aswini 10th star – Magha 19th star – Moola Janma
2nd star – Bharani 11th Star – P.Phalguni 20th star – P. Shadha Sampat
3rd star – Krittika 12th star – U. Phalguni 21st star – U. Shadha Vipat
4th star – Rohini 13th star – Hasta 22nd star – Sravana Kshema
5th star – Mrigashira 14th star – Chitra 23rd star – Danishta Prathyak
6th star – Ardra 15th star – Swati 24th star – Shatabisha Sadhaka
7th star – Punarvasu 16th star – Vishakha 25th star – P. Bhadra Vadha
8th star – Pusya 17th star – Anuradha 26th star – U. Bhadra Maitri
9th star – Ashlesha 18th star – Jyeshta 27th star – Revati Parama-maitri 

Gandanta: 26˚40’ Cancer to 0˚ Leo Gandanta: 26˚40’ Scorpio to 0˚ Sagittarius Gandanta: 26˚40’ Pisces to 0˚ Aries

The junction point between each group, or last Navamsa of water signs, and first Navamsa of fire signs, are Gandanta and indicate death.

When the Sun, measured by various progression sequences, reaches the Gandanta point, then death – both symbolically as well as factually – occurs.

5. Dwadasamsa Progressions – 2˚ 30’ per year

  • There are 12 signs of the zodiac, while the division of a sign into 12 subsequent parts is the basis of the Dwadasamsa chart.
  • Progressing the Sun at a rate of one Dwadasamsa (2˚ 30’) per year, one full trek of the zodiac is the equivalent of 144 years.  This is the fullest possible life term of any chart.
  • All the planets can be progressed at the same rate, including the ascendant/descendant and MC/IC axes
  • Progressing at this rate, the first Gandanta is achieved at age 48; the 2nd at age 96; and the final one at age 144.  At age 30, all the planets progressed at this rate will form an exact inconjunct to all the natal planets.
  • Since the full Paramayus of the Dwadasamsa progression equals 144 years, it is more appropriate for inanimate charts such as countries or corporations, as human beings are allotted 120 years maximum longevity in the current age.

5. Progression of One Navamsa per year (3˚20’) – Brighu Nadi

  • This is the most important of all progression sequences and is emphasized in Brighu Nadi, as well as Deva Keralam
  • At the rate of 3˚20’ per year from 0˚ Aries to the first Gandanta, 36 years has passed.  This is the average term of longevity for humans, and thus this rate of progression is the most natural and appropriate for Jataka, or human charts
  • At age 27, the ascendant/descendant axis progressed at the rate of 3˚20’ per year comes to an exact 90˚ angle to its natal position.  At age 27, the first major turning point in life occurs and significant events happen

Summary of Progressions and Terms of Longevity

Progression Per Year First Gandanta Age Full Term of Longevity
1˚ (1 Trimsamsa) 120 Years 360 Years
2˚30’ (1 Dwadasamsa) 48 Years 144 Years
3˚20” (1 Navamsa) 36 Years 108 Years
3˚  (1 Dasamsa) 40 Years 120 Years
4˚17’ (1 Saptamsa) 28 Years 84 Years

6. Progression Guidelines

  • Progression of malefics to the lagna (3˚20’ = 1 year), Sun or Moon brings great sufferings and challenges
  • Progression of benefics to lagna, Moon or Sun bring fortune and benefits
  • Progressing from 0˚ Aries to natal planets, angles, nodes, Sahams, and special points brings about significant events
  • Progressions of all vargas (divisions) may be made at the rate of 1 division = 1 year of time.  In this lecture we shall demonstrate the 1 degree = 1 year (also called Solar Arc progression), as well as 1 Navamsa = 1 year sequences.  One year = one sign in each varga chart for progressions of respective divisions.

7. Vargottamamsas and Pushkara Navamsas

Students should try to memorize the Navamsa divisions for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.  The following table will be helpful initially:

Navamsa Divisions

# Navamsa Divisions Fire Signs Earth Signs Air Signs Water Signs
1 0˚ to 3˚20’ Aries Capricorn Libra Cancer
2 3˚20 – 6˚40’ Taurus Aquarius Scorpio Leo
3 6˚40’ – 10˚ Gemini Pisces Sagittarius Virgo
4 10˚ – 13˚20’ Cancer Aries Capricorn Libra
5 13˚20’ – 16˚40’ Leo Taurus Aquarius Scorpio
6 16˚40’ – 20˚ Virgo Gemini Pisces Sagittarius
7 20˚ – 23˚20’ Libra Cancer Aries Capricorn
8 23˚20’ – 26˚40’ Scorpio Leo Taurus Aquarius
9 26˚40’ – 30˚ Sagittarius Virgo Gemini Pisces
  • Vargottamamsa of the ascendant, Sun, Moon as well as other planets, greatly increases the strength and potential of the horoscope.
  • The first Navamsa of cardinal signs is vargottama; the 5th Navamsa of fixed signs; and the 9th Navamsa of dual signs are vargottama.

Pushkara Navamsas

  • Planets in Pushkara Navamsa are highly beneficial and strong, in the opinion of Brighu Nadi, and equal or greater in importance as vargottama planets.
  • Each sign has two Pushkara Navamsas, 24 in all, and each ruled by a benefic planet.
  • Out of 24, three Pushkara Navamsas are vargottama: Taurus Navamsa in Taurus rasi; Cancer Navamsa in Cancer rasi; and Sagittarius Navamsa in Sagittarius rasi.

If a planet is in Pushkara Navamsa which, however, falls in a sign equal to the 6th, 8th or 12th house of the Rasi chart, then the good affects become nil.

For example, if for a Libra rising chart, Jupiter were in the 10th house in Cancer and in Virgo Navamsa (Pushkara Navamsa), such would fall in the 12th house of the rasi chart, and thus ineffective.  Another example:  If in a Leo rising chart, Mercury were in 7˚ Taurus in the rasi chart, and thus in Pisces Pushkara Navamsa, its affect would become nil as Pisces is the 8th house of the Rasi chart.

Specific Pushkara degrees (Pushkara bhagas) in the different signs are highly auspicious, and should be used in Prashna charts and particularly for fixing the lagna of Muhurta charts.  The Pushkara Navamsas, specific Pushkara divisions, and Pushkara Bhagas are given as follows.

Pushkara Navamsas

Sign Type Pushkara Navamsas Pushkara Navamsa Divisions Pushkara Bhagas (degrees)
Fire Libra and Sagittarius 7th and 9th 21˚
Earth Taurus and Pisces 3rd and 5th 14˚
Air Taurus and Pisces 6th and 8th 24˚
Water Virgo and Cancer 1st and 3rd

Transits of Planets in Pushkara Navamsas

  • Beneficial transits through the signs/houses of the rasi chart become exceedingly beneficial during the times when such planets move through Pushkara Navamsas.
  • Similarly, effects of malefic transits such as Shani Ashtama, or Sade-Sati, will be modified during times of their transits in Pushkara Navamsas.
  • Of special importance are the transits of dasa/bhukti lords through beneficial Navamsas and especially Pushkara Navamsas.

8. The 64th Navamsa

The 64th Navamsa is found exactly 8 signs, or exactly 210 away from either the ascendant or Moon Navamsa.  For example, if the ascendant is 2˚ of Libra, the 64th Navamsa is 2˚ Taurus.  Similarly, if the Moon were at 14˚ Scorpio, then the 64th Navamsa therefrom falls in 14˚ of Gemini.  These fall in the 4th house from the Moon or lagna in the Navamsa chart.

The 64th Navamsa, as well as the 22nd Drekkana (exactly 8 signs away from the Rising Drekkana, or 8th house of the Drekkana chart) are called Khara, and are very malefic points in the horoscope if conjoined or aspected by malefics, either natally or in transit.

  • Very challenging events occur to a person when malefics Saturn, Mars or Rahu/Ketu transit in the 64th Navamsa, either from the lagna, Moon, or other significator planets.  For example, if Ketu is in the 64th Navamsa from the Moon, one may lose his mother; or when in the 64th Navamsa from Venus, one loses his spouse, etc.
  • Progressions (especially 3˚20” = 1 year) of natal Moon, Sun, or ascendant lord to the 64th Navamsa from malefics, can bring tragedy or danger; or, malefics placed in the 64th Navamsa from these or other significators, will bring danger when progressed to the natal ascendant, Sun, or Moon.  The results will be especially significant when the Dasa/bhukti periods of the same planets are in progress.
  • Benefics transiting in the 64th Navamsa, or progressed to the 64th Navamsa from a significator planet, will bring beneficial results pertaining to such planets such as marriage (Venus or Darakaraka), birth of children (Jupiter or Putrakaraka), rise in position, etc.
  • Saturn or Rahu’s transit over the Navamsa of either Sun, or its trine positions, brings death or health challenges to the father or other male relative, as well as to the native.  The same will occur when Saturn or Rahu transits in similar Navamsa positions from the Moon, or to brothers or sisters when the similar transits to the Navamsa of Mars occur.  Navamsa Transits directly to the sign of significators can bring death to the person(s) indicated by such planets in the native’s life.

  • Saturn’s transit (in the rasi chart) over the Navamsa dispositor of the 8th lord, or its trines, brings death or serious health challenges to the native.

ü      Saturn’s transit over the Arudha of the 8th house (Mrityupada), or its trines, or in its 7th or trines therefrom, brings death to the native. 

Navamsa Transit Periods

The mean motion of slower moving planets in a Navamsa (3˚20’ arc) are as follows:

Saturn: 3 months, 11 days

Rahu:   2 months

Jupiter: 1 month, 10 days

Mars:  7 days

Brighu Bindu

The Brighu Bindu is the degree midpoint of the Moon and Rahu, and is a very important point in delineation.  The BB is mention in the Chandra Kala Nadi, as well as Brighu Nadi.  Midpoints of Rahu and other planets, or of Ketu and the planets, will also carry great significance so far as the nature of those planets is concerned.

  • Benefic and malefic transits to the BB will bring dramatic corresponding events into the life of the native.  The trine positions of the BB are also sensitive points, as are the 64th Navamsas from them.
  • Progressions to the BB points, or its trine and opposition point, will bring specific events into the native’s life for good or ill, depending on the benefic/malefic nature of planets or points being progressed.
  • For specific timings of events with respect to the BB point, the progressed Midheaven/IC axis may be noted carefully.
  • Find the sign of the BB point, and make this the first year of life (age 0 to 1).  Then progress this one sign per year.  When the year representing the progressed sign comes to a natal yoga (for good or ill), then in that year significant events occur.  Make note of the conjunctions and aspects to the sign for a given year, as well as transits that may be occurring to it simultaneously.
  • Transits of planets to the BB point (including the midpoints of Rahu/Ketu and other planets in addition to the Moon) will be especially significant during dasa/bhukti periods of the nodes, or during their bhukti periods within the planet forming the midpoint.

For example, transits to the 64th Navamsa from the Moon/Rahu midpoint, or progressions of benefics/malefics to the BB point or its Navamsa, will be very significant during the Maha-dasha of the Moon, and bhukti period of Rahu, or vice versa.

Dashas and bhukti periods of planets in the naksatra of Moon/Rahu, or x-planets/Rahu, will also tend to bring significant events and experiences.

Mrityu Bhaga

  • Specific degrees for each of the nine grahas including Mandi bring death when activated by malefic transits and/or dasha periods.  The signs and MB degrees differ for each of the planets and are shown in the table which follows.
  • Note which planets, if any, are in MB degrees in the natal chart.  Then, note the progression of that planet to natural malefics, especially Saturn, Mars, and Rahu.  These are the times when the native will fall into danger, and very possibly he will die at such times if the term of longevity has arrived.  Also watch the progression of natural malefics to the MB degree.
  • The 64th Navamsa from the planet in its MB degree should be watched very closely when the dasa/bhukti of that planet is in operation, and when malefics transit to that Navamsa.


Signs → Ar Ta Ge Cn Le Vi Li Sc Sg Cp Aq Pi
Planets ↓
Sun 20 9 12 6 8 24 16 17 22 2 3 23
Moon 26 12 13 25 24 11 26 14 13 25 5 12
Mars 19 28 25 23 29 28 14 21 2 15 11 6
Mercury 15 14 13 12 8 18 20 10 21 22 7 5
Jupiter 19 29 12 27 6 4 13 10 17 11 15 28
Venus 28 15 11 17 10 13 4 6 27 12 29 19
Saturn 10 4 7 9 12 16 3 18 28 14 13 15
Rahu 14 13 12 11 24 23 22 21 10 20 18 8
Ketu 8 18 20 10 21 22 23 24 11 12 13 14
Mandi 23 24 11 12 13 14 8 18 20 10 21 22
Lagna 1 9 22 22 25 2 4 23 18 20 24 10


[1] Source: Jataka Parijata, Adhyaya 1.57-61.  Mrtyu-bhagas are also discussed in the Saravali, as well as Sarvartha Chintamani

The Spiritual Dimensions of Vedic Astrology – Part Two, Chart Illustrations

© 2007, by Robert A. Koch

Chart #1: Disappearance Case

Data:  May 3, 1981; 1:11 AM PDT (+7); Mount Vernon, WA.  Lagna = 18:29 Sagittarius

This is the chart of a 24-year old man who has been missing in the jungles of Laos since March 13, 2006.  He taught English in China, and when on a school break, was trekking in some remote areas of Laos when he disappeared.  All his belongings were still in his hotel room after he disappeared, including his camera, which he would have taken with him had he gone sight-seeing in the jungle.His parents consulted me on May 14, 2006 to ascertain from the Jyotish point of view what had happened to their son, whether he was alive or not, and if so where could he be found.  At the time of this writing, the American Embassy plus the government of Laos is involved in the search.  The man’s family has also contracted with a team of private investigators who are knowledgeable with the country, its terrain, and its government.  As of this date, there is no sign of the boy anywhere, and local people either do not know of his whereabouts or his disappearance, or they are afraid to say anything.

Astrological Points

Both the Sun and the Moon in this chart are in Mrityu Bhaga degrees.  The Sun’s Vimsottari dasa was operative when he disappeared.

Longevity is Alpayu (0 to 36 years), with two out of three longevity pairs giving short life.  Maraka lord Saturn joins lagna lord in 7th from AL, while the AK Venus similarly joins maraka lord and Badhakesh Mercury.  Mars in Aries, as 2nd lord from AL is a fierce maraka also, and he is lord of the Shoola dasa sub-period, i.e. Scorpio.

Saturn is also Rudra, while Mars is Mahesvara in this chart.[1]

Saturn takes a further sinister role in this chart given its very close proximity to Apamrityu Saham which is at 12°25’ Virgo.  Lagna lord Jupiter is exactly conjoined Mrityu Saham also, which falls at 7°10’ Virgo.  These are very dangerous omens not only so far as the native’s longevity is concerned, but also the likelihood of his still being alive at the time the chart was read. [2]

Additional notes:

Natal Rahu is in the 22nd Drekkana, while Sun is in the 64th Navamsa from the Moon.At the time of his disappearance, transit Ketu was in near exact conjunction with natal Mahesvara Mars, while transit Mars moved over the Navamsa of the Moon.   Also of note is the transit of Saturn and Rahu over the natal Navamsa position of Rahu.By Brighu (3˚20’ = 1 year) progression, the Sun was in exact conjunction of natal Rahu, as was progressed IC.  Similarly, the progressed descendant had moved to within one degree of natal Saturn and Apamrityu Saham.  All of this happened when the native was running the Vimsottari dasa of Sun, and bhukti period of Rahu.

Similarly, the progressed nodes had come to within less than two degrees from natal Moon.Chart #2: Case of Guru Betrayal

Data: June 25, 1957; 02:14 AM EDT (+4); Manchester, CT.  Lagna = 16:59 Aries

The native was betrayed by her guru who left her organization suddenly and without notice thus disappointing and frustrating many students that she had organized to be taught by him.


In this chart, the Brighu Bindu (Moon/Rahu midpoint) is at 0˚12’ Aquarius, while natal Jupiter is at 0˚33’ of Virgo, exactly in its 64th Navamsa.In the Navamsa chart, 9th house Rahu is in the 64th Navamsa from the Moon, while in the Drekkana chart, Saturn is Khara, and forms Sarpa yoga with the nodes around Jupiter.

At the time of the betrayal, transit Rahu moved over the natal Navamsa of Jupiter, while transit Saturn moved over the natal Navamsa 9th + Rahu, in the 64th Navamsa from the Moon.Progressions:  By Brighu progression, the Moon has moved to within less than a degree of the natal Rahu in the 7th house.  Similarly, Uranus has moved to the exact degree conjunction of the natal MC.

Chart #3: O.J. Simpson: Pushkara and 64th Navamsas

Data: July 9, 1947; 08:08 PST (+8); San Francisco, CA.  Lagna = 1:29 Leo

Pushkara Navamsas:  An unprecedented 6 planets are in Pushkara Navamsas, including Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Rahu/Ketu.  Jupiter exactly conjoins the Pushkara Bhaga for the sign of Libra as well.  This can account for the great fame, wealth, and notoriety the native enjoyed prior to his wife’s murder scandal on 6/12/1994.

Moon and Mercury, however, cause a diminishing in fame and respect, as Moon is in the 8th of the rasi chart and also in Marana Karaka sthana.  Mercury, dispositing the ascendant and 10th lords, is also in the 12th house/rasi chart.

Notes regarding the date of his wife’s murder – 6/12/1994:

On this date transit Rahu and Jupiter conjoined in the sign of Libra, while Mars and Ketu joined Aries.  (This is yoga for murder, which will also be seen in his wife’s natal chart as well).  These fall exactly on the 1/7 axis of Simpson’s Navamsa chart, wherein Mars rises in Aries.  Transit Mars moved through the Libra Navamsa (7th house of Navamsa chart) and in the 64th Navamsa from the Moon.

In the natal Navamsa chart, Rahu is in the 64th Navamsa from Venus, and this position (Pisces Navamsa) was transited by Saturn at the time of the murder.  Similarly, transit Ketu moved exactly over the natal Navamsa of Venus. 

Chart #4:  Nicole Brown Simpson

Data: May 19, 1959; 01:57 CET (-1); Frankfurt am Main, Germany.  Lagna = 12:14 Aquarius

The Moon is with Rahu in the 8th house (Marana karaka), and both in the 22ndDrekkana as well.  These positions shorten longevity, and death comes in a sudden, shocking manner.

Dushta Marana yoga (terrible death) exists with all four malefics aspecting the 3rd from Arudha lagna.Darakaraka Jupiter is with the UL, as well as A6 and A8 (Shasta pada and Mrityu pada respectively).  These give strong indications of danger or death through the spouse.

When Mars and Rahu, or Mars and Ketu join the 6th house from natal ascendant, the native is murdered by his/her spouse.[3] At the time of death, transit Mars moved through the natal Navamsa of Mars/Rahu as well.  These facts all but assure that the native was murdered by her spouse.Navamsa Narayana dasa

One is shocked to note the Navamsa Narayana dasa at the time of her demise.  It was Pisces/Gemini, with the sign Gemini holding the yoga for being murdered by the spouse.  Mars/Rahu natally are in that sign, while transit Rahu also moved in Navamsa Gemini, while Saturn transited the Navamsa of Pisces.  These facts give a fated element to the event that transpired.

Saturn/Rahu/Mars/Ketu all aspected the 6th house from Drekkana lagna at the time of the event as well.

Brighu Bindu Connections

The Rahu/7th cusp midpoint of O.J.’s chart fell at 19 Virgo, which is nearly an exact conjunction with the Rahu/Ketu axis in Nicole’s chart.  Brighu Bindu points interfacing between two charts are shown to be highly significant in relationship karmas.

Chart #5: Pat Tillman – “Friendly Fire” incident

Data: November 6, 1976; 09:39 PST; Fremont, CA. Lagna = 26:58 Scorpio

The native was killed in Afghanistan in a “Friendly fire” incident.

Notes:  The chart indicates short life, with 1st, 10th, and 8th lords all in dusthanas.  The native is destined to not live beyond the age of 36.Dushta marana yoga forms by way of Ketu and Saturn aspecting the 3rd from Arudha lagna.  Maraka lord Venus joins the lagna very closely, within 10’ of arc.  Malefics + Moon mutually aspecting Venus cause Rudra yoga, or yoga for death during operative dasas.Mercury is the Rudra graha (stronger lord of 2nd or 8th), and is inclined to bring death.

In the natal Navamsa chart, Ketu is in the 64th Navamsa from Venus, a maraka lord.  Ketu plays a role in several ways bringing death by way of mistake or accident.  In the transit chart, Ketu transited over Venus and the Navamsa lagna along with a debilitated Mercury (Rudra).  Mercury’s weakness represents miscalculations leading to his death on the part of his comrades.  In the rasi chart, transit Ketu also moved over natal Mercury at the time of his demise.
Brighu progressions:  Surprisingly, it was Mercury who had progressed to the exact opposition of Saturn in the progression chart at the time of the event.  Note the Vimsottari dasa period in operation:  Moon/Venus/Saturn.  Moon/Ketu aspecting Venus cause Rudra yoga, while Venus is directly the maraka lord.  Sub sub-period lord Saturn (natural Dusthana karaka) receives the direct progressed aspect of Rudra Mercury.

Chart #6: Example Chart

Data: September 18, 1947; 08:23:30 PST; San Francisco, CA.  Lagna = 1:25 Libra

Three events in the life of the native were most graphic and memorable:

1.      He joined the ashram of his guru on 1/10/1970;

2      He had a serious illness from which he almost died – 3/17/2005

Event #1: In the natal chart Rahu + Sun are in the 64th Navamsa from the lagna, whereas Ketu is in the 64th Navamsa from the Moon.  The native lost both of his parents at the time of birth.

At the time of joining his guru’s ashram, transit Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter were all in the 64th Navamsa from lagna.  Ketu similarly transited over the natal Navamsa lagna at that time.  In the natal Navamsa chart, Jupiter occupies the Pushkara Navamsa in the 10th house.

Event #2: By Brighu progression, the Moon came to the exact position of Rahu in the natal chart.  This was a serious implication for health, as in the rasi chart Rahu occupies the 64th Navamsa from lagna and is thus very dangerous.  The Sun, ruling health, occupies that Navamsa as well.Transit Rx Saturn moved in the 8th house from Navamsa lagna at this time, while Mars and Ketu aspected it from Aquarius and Libra Navamsas respectively.  All of this occurred at the beginning of the Vimsottari dasa of Venus, whose position is dangerous for health in the rasi chart.

Chart #7: Car Accident

Data: February 8, 1964; 22:03 PST; Portland, OR. Lagna = 19:04 Virgo

Note the strength of maraka lords Venus and Jupiter in this chart, while the mutual aspect of the Moon + nodes to Venus causes Rudra yoga.  Mars is in the 64th Navamsa from lagna, while Venus/Ketu/Sun are in the 64th from the Moon, which happens to be the 3rd house of siblings.  Sun is lord of the 22nd Drekkana also, and also rules mountains, which is where the accident occurred.  The accident occurred during the Mars/Venus Yogini dasa.  In the natal Drekkana chart, note that Venus occupies the 3rd house, and is aspected by Mars and Khara lord Sun.

Note the Brighu progressions:  Progressed MC comes to the exact degree of the natal ascendant (10 Virgo), while the progressed Ascendant comes to within less than a degree of the natal Ketu in the 4th house, ruling vehicular accidents.  Also note that progressed Mars comes to an exact opposition to natal Neptune.  The accident occurred as a result of skidding on ice.

Finally, note in the transit chart, Mars/Ketu and Moon are all located in the 22nd Drekkana.  Saturn + Mars, in addition to the nodes, all aspected the 3rd house from the Navamsa lagna as well.

Chart #8: Kidnapped Girl

Data: December 5, 2003; 14:30 GMT; Leicester, UK.  Lagna = 21:52 Aries

Notes: According to classics such as Prashna Marga, if the Moon and Rahu are in kendras, the chart is considered Balarishta, that is, the native dies in childhood before the age of 12.

The child was kidnapped while on vacation with her parents in Portugal, on March 5, 2007. She has not been found, nor has her body been recovered.Note that there is approximately a four Navamsa difference between the natal Moon and Rahu in her chart.  Thus something very challenging could happen in her 4th year of life.  At the time of the kidnapping, the Moon had moved to within 21’ of arc of the natal Rahu by 3º20’ = 1 year progression.

Brighu Bindus

The Mercury/Ketu midpoint also fell within less than two degrees of the Sun in her birth chart.  At the time of the incident, Mercury Ketu transited over her Navamsa ascendant, while Mars/Rahu/Sun/Moon all moved in the 7th house of her natal Navamsa chart.  Ketu may indicate that she got lost suddenly, and was then picked up by a stranger (Mars/Rahu).Venus/Ketu midpoint fell even closer to the Sun, i.e. at 20 degrees Ta/Sc.  These points are significant in that she was in a Vimsottari dasa period of Venus/Sun/Venus at the time of her disappearance.

The Navamsa progressed (3º20’ = 1 year) ascendant had also arrived at the position of the 8th house Sun in her birth chart at the time.

Chart #9: Gordon Brown – UK Prime Minister

Data: February 20, 1951; 08:40 GMT; Giffnock, Scotland (4W17 55N58) Lagna = 22:14 Pisces

Events: He was married on 8/3/2000; he became UK’s Prime Minster on 6/27/2007

Notes: By 3º20’ = 1 year progression, the 2nd event above occurred when progressed Mars conjoined Saturn in the natal 7th house exactly.  Also, the progressed Jupiter came to exactly oppose natal Venus in the first house.

During the 1st event above, progressed Jupiter moved to the natal 6th house/Leo, and opposed the natal Sun exactly.  The event might have more relevance when seen from the Sun lagna, from where the Sun itself rules the 7th house, while Jupiter disposits natal Venus.  At the time, the Narayana dasa was of Taurus/Taurus, a fact which brings Venus very strongly into the picture, and especially for marriage as Venus rules the 7th from Upapada lagna.Transits:  It is significant that Jupiter occupies the 64th Navamsa from natal lagna, while at the time of marriage, transit Jupiter and Venus were in that exact location.

Finally, Mercury, the lord of the natal 7th house, occupied the Navamsa 7th with Venus at birth, while at the time of marriage, transit Mercury moved through the Navamsa 7th.

[1] Rudra and Mahesvara play very strong roles in longevity studies.  Briefly, Rudra is the stronger of the lord of the 2nd and 8th.  Mahesvara is the lord of the 8th from the Atmakaraka.  There are details regarding the calculation and use of these planets which are given in Maharshi Jaimini Upadesa Sutras, by Sanjay Rath. p.154-157

[2] Apamrityu Saham is a specific point which indicates untimely or accidental death.  The formula for its calculation is as follows:  the degree of 8th cusp – degree of Mars + ascendant.  Mrtyu Saham is similar, and represents death.  Calculation: 8th cusp – Moon + ascendant.  (Source: Varshaphal, by B.V. Raman, Ch. 8, Raman Publications.

[3] Jaimini Sutram, Ch. 2, Quarter 3.